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Retail Manager

Back Office Solution for Supermarkets

RetailManager has been designed in conjunction with successful supermarket retailers to bring you the ultimate scaleable Supermarket Back Office Solution at a price you can afford. Capitalize on the experience of Expert Retail Systems - Today! 

RetailManager integrates seamlessly with Point of Sale systems including ICL Storetrader, PosWare and the Windows version, StoreLine from Retalix. 

The statistical database provides a wealth of information, tracking everything from a products purchase to cashier scan rates and offers unparalleled enquiry and reporting facilities from the time the system is implemented. A full featured stats wizard allows the user to create predefined queries and save them for later use. 

Modules include:

Debtors  Creditors Nominal Ledger Bank Reconciliation
PoS Interface                               Claims Processing Purchase Ordering      Sales Order Processing
PoS Interface to Retalix Storeline  Goods Receiving Stock Take System Stats Reporting
Head Office Communications PDC Integration EDI Integration Price Modeling
Container Tracking        POD (Proof of delivery tracking systems)

Latest Design Technology

RetailManager is written to run on the latest Microsoft Windows platform. Using SQL Server 2000/5/8/12 ensures transactions are processed efficiently and data retrieval is optimal. The client application has been written using Expert Retail Systems` BRM (Business Retail Management) software. This offers the user a Web Browser look and feel very similar to the Internet.

All reports have been developed using Seagate Crystal Reports, which allow for customization and optimum performance. 

Up to date Product information

Your product file is the route to all information.' Each product can hold multiple suppliers offering the Retailer the ability to easily receive goods from these sources as well as compare cost prices for the best deals. Scanning at both receiving, using case bar codes, and POS, using unit bar codes is possible for each product. 

RetailManager`s product file is maintained through a hierarchical structure using Group & Sub Groups with an optional third Category level. Using target GP`s, the system can automatically recalculate new selling prices when a new cost price is received, ensuring maximum profit for Retailers. 

Features include:
- Multiple barcodes per product
- Unlimited suppliers & cost prices per product
- Unlimited discount/surcharge structures
- System generated product codes, for consistent coding
- Single screen product setup
- Supplier reference codes and supplier groupings
- Product dimensions for shelf analysis systems
- Shelf life / Best before days
- Sub group defaulting

Quick Price Changes

The Quick Price Control module has been designed to offer a simple one screen matrix for maintaining cost and selling price. Promotions are controlled offering automatic reversion rules at the end of the promotion. Price change activation may also be initiated from within the Stock and Ordering system or batch updates can be received and processed from a Head Office or buying location. 

Features include:
- Linking of variety product linking ensure price consistency across flavours
- Automatic selling price re-calculation when a cost price changes
- Apply rounding rules to a selling price
- Hold a supplier recommended selling prices
- Target GP per product with exception reporting
- Competitor price analysis
- Full audit logging for cost and selling price changes
- Promotional prices
- Forward dated price changes

Stock and Ordering

Strict stock control is vital in maintaining profitability for any Retailer. A comprehensive ordering and receiving system allows for the raising of orders, goods received against an order, ad-hoc goods received, returns and receipts into service departments. All stock transactions are recorded into the Stock Ledger providing daily, weekly, period and cumulative reports on all stock movement and stock holdings. Stock Valuation methods include Standard, Last Purchase or Average Cost. 

Features include
- Raising of orders in advance
- Printing an expected goods receipt report
- Receiving goods against an order
- Receiving Ad-hoc goods
- Returns to supplier
- Record stock wastage
- Record stock transfers into service departments
- Record stock adjustments/write offs
- Record closing stock values for service departments
- Stock holding summary reports
- Full store stock counts
- Ad-hoc stock counts 
- Expense capture 
- Standard, last purchase or average costing 

POS Control

RetailManager integrates into a variety of Point of Sale systems including PosWare and Storeline from Retalix creating prices changes updates, new shelf edge labels and a bulletin report to ensure consistency. Sales transaction data is analyzed at item level to provide extensive reporting such as:

- Store sales summaries with output VAT controls
- Department profitability Daily, Weekly, Period, Year or ad-hoc
- Sub Group profitability and contribution mix
- Till summaries
- Cashier summaries by Tender and department with scan rates
- Time band summaries
- Plu exception reporting
- Daily Banking

Statistics - a Gem

RetailManager maintains a statistical database of all sales and purchase transactions that take place within the system. The database permits a broad range of reporting features for any time scale required:

- Product sales reviews by Product, Supplier, SubGroup, Category or Baskets
- Sub Group sales analysis
- Supplier purchases and contributions
- Supplier/Product or Supplier/Sub Group purchases

System Requirements

Minimum server configuration for ERS RetailManager:

Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz Processor - 1024K Cache
80 Gb hard disk, 8Gb RAM
ADSL link, DVD writer

Windows 2012 Operating System
SQL Server 2000/5/8/2012
Small Business Server - Premium

Minimum Workstations configuration for ERS RetailManager
Pentium 4 2.4 Ghz Processor and upwards
20Gb Free Disc Space
4Gb Ram

Microsoft Windows 7 or later
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