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Retail Manager HQ

Central Control
ERS RetailManager HQ streamlines multi-store management providing centralized control over all your retail operations. HQ maintains each store centrally without needing direct access to the ERS RetailManager in-store system. The two systems communicate with each other to make sure that Prices, Products, Suppliers are in sync at each store. Daily purchase and summarized sales information is transferred to HQ to support decision making and transferred into Head Office accounting systems where necessary.
Buy Smarter
 Consolidated purchase and sales information by branch allow Head Office buyers to see clearly what is selling at their stores. Armed with accurate information at their fingertips, not third hand information, buyers are afforded the opportunity of negotiating more attractive product deals or terms when reviewing Suppliers. 
Range Better
 Having the right product in the right location at the right time can be crucial to the success of a store. Regional Managers, using ERS RetailManager HQ, can quickly perfect the product mix at a store by identifying slow movers and re-allocating them to stores where they are moving faster.

Know your Competitors
 ERS RetailManager HQ holds user defined KVI product baskets that allow you to compare what your competitors are charging, offering you the upper hand in determining your pricing, ranging and buying strategy. 
 RetailManager HQ, is optimized to get the information for you in seconds, online when you need it. The statistical database provides a wealth of information and offers unparalleled enquiry and reporting facilities.
Consolidated Purchases: 
- Supplier Summary
- Supplier by Period
- Branch Summary
- Branch by Period
- Sub Group Summary
- Sub Group by Period
- Product review
- Branch Product Review

Consolidated Sales 
- Sub Group Sales
- Product Sales Review
Web Intranet
 All sales and purchase information can be accessed via a built in intranet with a standard IE Web-browser. Dynamically linking data to Microsoft Excel offers easy data access for reporting and data manipulation.
Import Export
 Data can easily be exported to share with Suppliers, marketing agents and other systems. Price books/lists from Suppliers can also be imported to save having to manually capture price changes as they occur.

ERS RetailManager HQ can communicate to the store systems using the Internet via dial up modems, ISDN, ADSL, 3G/4G/LTE or Didginet lines. Price changes, new products, Suppliers, discontinued lines and any special deals that have been negotiated on behalf of the stores are sent by batch to stores daily. Ad-hoc communications can be sent to stores if necessary during the day. 
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